ADOPTED: Protege #0208 Faith 2 Year Old Red Tri Mini Female Australian Shepherd Iowa


This is Faith (#0208). She is a red-tri Mini Aussie estimated to be around 1-1/2 to 2 years old and weighs in at 24 pounds. She was a stray from southeast Iowa and there’s no other history on her. When she came to her foster home, her coat was damaged from extreme scratching and chewing at herself. After a visit to the veterinarian, worming and being put on a quality food, her coat has started to get some shine to it and has become less rough and itchy. She is up to date on vaccines and has been started on heartworm and flea/tick preventative.

Faith 2 Year Old Red Tri Mini Female Australian Shepherd Iowa
Faith 2 Year Old Red Tri Mini Female Australian Shepherd Iowa

Faith appears to have belonged to someone at some point because she had already been spayed, knows “sit” and “down” (though we are working on improving them), and had been semi-kennel trained. She either goes with her foster mom to work or is kenneled during the day as she has had a few accidents in the house when left out, but has not had any while kenneled. She does voice her opinion about being kenneled to start, but quiets down after a while. At night time she would much rather be in the bed with you, but finds it suitable to be kenneled as long as it is in the same room as you.

She gets along well with her foster sister except when it’s play time. Faith isn’t really into playing and would probably do better with a dog of similar attributes or an older dog. She is definitely into being a couch potato and is quite content with being at your feet or on the couch alongside you. She is very good at being a shadow and will follow you from room to room. The cats that she lives with know how to put a dog in their place and so she shows no interest in them unless they are running around. She requires a home with a fenced yard or someone who is OK with having her on a leash at all times as she needs a great deal of improvement on her call back. Her foster family has a tie-out for her for when she goes outside. She will pull during walks and has a sensitive trachea, so she has become accustomed to the Gentle Leader and walks very well now.

When Faith first entered her foster home, she was extremely shy and was easily frightened by the littlest thing. She is still unsure of others during intimate situations and will bark and try to move away. Her foster family is working on socialization and she seems to do better in larger groups of people. She has made several trips to the pet stores and has done very well with passing people and other pets as well as going up to others and sniffing them. With continuation of the socialization, we think she will become a social butterfly in no time.

Faith is currently being fostered in Cedar Rapids. If you might be interested in learning more about this dog, please email Jayne at While we welcome your questions about this dog, all adopters are required to complete a Protege Adoption Application before being considered to adopt a Protege dog; our adoption fee is $200.

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