ADOPTED Protege 0223 Gracie 8 Year Old Black Tri Mini Australian Shepherd Female Iowa

ADOPTED! Meet Gracie (Protege #0223), an adorable 8-year-old mini Australian Shepherd with the energy of a two-year-old. Gracie’s owners were forced to move a couple of months ago and had to give Gracie up when they moved into an apartment that, sadly, does not allow pets. She is up-to-date on all vaccinations and had a Christmas Eve grooming to look pretty and smell sweet for the holidays.



Gracie is a real sweetheart. She does NOT beg at the table, is perfectly housebroken (she goes first thing whenever she’s let outside) and loves to chase a stick and bring it back to you to throw again. She craves nice walks and doesn’t pull on the leash. She enjoys sitting quietly in the back seat on car rides. She’s been on a diet since coming into foster care and has lost 3 pounds; down to 31 pounds now. Just a few more pounds and she could be a supermodel for mini Aussies.

Since Gracie grew up around a child daycare setting, she is fantastic around children (and adults) of all ages. She loves to play tug-of-war with a chew toy one minute, then will curl up on your lap for a cuddle and nap the next. In fact, Gracie is so mild-mannered she doesn’t need to be kenneled at all. If you leave her home alone for a few hours she’ll curl up in a dark corner of the bedroom or on the living room sofa for a nap. She’ll sleep quietly all night on the sofa or easy chair.

When someone comes to the front door, Gracie will announce their presence with a bark or two, but warms up to strangers in a matter of seconds when she realizes they are welcome by her owners. She is also great around other dogs, pretty much ignoring them unless they want to play. She will bark while playing, but quiets on command. She will wait at a doorway until you invite her inside.

Gracie is an ideal indoor pet who also loves playing outdoors. She hopes to start the new year with a kind, gentle and fun-loving family that will play, cuddle and give her all the loving she deserves.

Gracie is currently being fostered in Cedar Rapids,Iowa. If you might be interested in learning more about this dog, please email While we welcome your questions about Gracie, all adopters are required to complete a Protege Adoption Application before being considered to adopt a Protege dog; our adoption fee is $200.

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