ADOPTED! Ranger – 2.5 Year Old Blue Merle Australian Shepherd Male in Wisconsin

You’ve probably heard the phrase “A tired dog is a happy dog”. Well, this is true and it applys in full to Ranger. Ranger requires a very intense exercise and training schedule every day. Please do not apply to adopt Ranger if you are not prepared to meet his needs!

Ranger is as cute as they come. He is a 2.5 year old mini aussie with a beautiful blue merle coat. He weighs only about 20 pounds!

Ranger is extremely active and intelligent. He wants to please but gets confused sometimes if he is too anxious or acting compulsively. He has some behavioral issues we are working through. He is learning that nothing is free, meaning he needs to work for everything: ie; sit before the door opens, sit and down before he gets his food, sit before the ball is thrown… Basically, do what I ask and you get what you want.

Daily exercise of mind and body are required with continued training and obedience.  Ranger needs a consistent environment, structure, and an active family/person that has at least an hour a day to work with him on exercising/obedience/agility/etc. He loves running next to a bicycle! Ranger is a wonderful, loving dog and the work that needs to be put into him every day for his happiness is well worth it and paid back in the love and kisses.

Ranger is good with other dogs, however he cannot be in a home with cats!
Ranger has been working one on one with a professional trainer at his foster home for a number of weeks now and it’s helping his confidence and anxiety tremendously. Because of the success Ranger is having, continueing this kind of training will be a requirement of his adoptive home. His current trainer will be on hand at his meet and greet with any potential adopter to go over in detail just what Ranger requires to live a happy life with you.
Potential adopters need to know the breed and that he does have separation anxiety and car phobia that will need to continue to be worked on and other issues possibly throughout his life.

Ranger has tried on a number of meds and other things to try and help curb his behavioral issues. ASRM knows that Ranger is worth the time and the money to do what has to be done to make him happy and functional again, so we are paying for Ranger’s therapy, medication as well as his enrollment into doggy daycare. We could use financial assistance with Ranger and any donations that we can collect towards his training would be a huge help to us so that we may continue to help Aussies like Ranger. All too often, herding dogs like him are very misunderstood and instead of investing the training and time, they are given up to shelters where they will lose their lives because they are deemed unadoptable.

Please consider helping Ranger with a donation in his name!

Check out Ranger’s facebook photo album!

Ranger is fostering in Evansville, Wisconsin. If you have fully read the above bio and are ready to commit to Ranger’s future, we invite you to fill out the ADOPTION APPLICATION and reference ASRM 0110 Ranger.

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