ADOPTED: Reggie 10 Year Old Blue Merle Male Australian Shepherd ASRM 0462

ADOPTED: This very JOYFUL BOY is a LOVE. Meet Reggie, a 10-year-old Blue Merle Australian Shepherd male who weighs 43 pounds and has a moderate energy level. Reggie is up to date on all his shots, neutered and micro-chipped.

Reggie Blue Merle Male Australian Shepherd

Reggie is a mature Aussie who is very well house broken and knows basic commands such as “Sit, Lay-down, Give Paw, Out, Quiet” (we are working on “Stay”). Reggie is a VERY HAPPY, positive and excitable boy which can sometimes lead to displays of heavy panting and occasional restlessness but he would tell you that he is fine, just excited :). Reggie has never been destructive.

Reggie is good around other dogs but does not initiate play; he will bark at people/other dogs but wants to greet them. Blocking his view and the “watch me” command settles him. He is very quiet in the house unless someone is at the door.

Reggie is a very Velcro dog, always wanting to be with his human. He is all about his human and is very friendly when meeting someone. His best environment would be one in which his human is home part of the day. He is soft crate trained.

In August 2018 Reggie had successful surgery to repair a torn ligament (back left leg) and his recovery has been fantastic. He will tell you he is ready to “GO!” He does have a bit of a morning cough.