ADOPTED: Rex 5 Year Old Male Blue Merle Australian Shepherd ASRM 0337

ADOPTED: Meet Rex a stunning 5 year old Blue Merle male Australian Shepherd. Rex is current on all his shots, house trained, knows basic commands, Heartworm Negative and ready for a home.

Rex is a 5-year-old Blue Merle who is still a puppy at heart. He loves to play and play and play! Fetch and Tug are his favourites. Outside, he will chase the ball forever and drop it back right in your hand. Inside, he will chase any soft item his person will through even if it is only a foot or two away. He has an incredible nose. You can hide his favourite toy and he will find it. One evening, Rex was going in and out of his crate and looking at me and softly wining. I looked in, around and on top of his crate and thought he was crazy. He persisted until I found a ball sitting outside of the back of his crate. It was obscured by the cover of his crate and under the furniture against which it sits. You could see it, but Rex knew it was there.

Though loves to play, he is not demanding. He is quite mellow. If you are having a busy day, Rex is not the dog who will look at you and wonder why you don’t have time. He will find his own toys and amuse himself. He is perfectly content on his own. He is overjoyed when you do give him the attention he deserves, but he doesn’t beg for it.