ADOPTED Rocky 1 Year Old Male Black Bi Australian Shepherd

Meet Rocky, he is one year old and weighs 35 pounds. Rocky is a ball of energy, being that he is just a pup, and will need constructive entertainment to occupy his time. Right now, he spends time with his foster mom playing ball, going to the dog park and taking long walks.

Rocky is a very smart and is crate and potty trained. He is also good on a leash, but is still working on walking straight. His foster mom says he is good about listening to correction, though.

Rockys’ best friend at the moment is a cat and they have a blast together. He does not live with any dogs but has had visitors and enjoyed their company. He does not live with any children either, but has met a few at the dog park and trick or treating with no adverse reactions.

He knows a few commands such as “sit”, “down”, “heel”, “up” and “speak”. He is currently working on “off”.

He is good in a car but can get restless, so a doggie seat belt might be in order.

Rocky is shy when he first meets people, especially men. We don’t know how men played a part in his past but he is particularly leery of them. (His foster mom says he warms right up with a treat ) Previous to ASRM, he has lived in multiple homes and this, I’m certain, plays a large part in his personality. He hates to be left behind and wants lots of love, cuddles, security and attention.

Rocky’s “I Love This List” is sleeping with his human. His foster mom says he lays down and doesn’t move all night. Attention, kisses, cuddles, belly rubs, ear scratches, and playing ball, not necessarily in that order, are also on his list. (Oh, and his kitty)

If Rocky could speak he would say, “I am very lovable. All I want to do is please my foster. I learn quickly, I love seeing new dogs and cats. I’m a little shy around people, I need your attention or something to keep my attention. Chew toys, playing fetch, walking, or going to parks, they’re all good.”