ADOPTED: Rutabaga 9 Year Old Male Black Bi Australian Shepherd ASRM 0470

ADOPTED: Meet Rutabaga, Rudy for short. ASRM 0470, a 9 year old Black Bi adult male. Rudy is up to date on all his shots, neutered and Heartworm Negative. Rudy is also crate trained and house broken.

Rudy had a large mass on his colon which was going to require surgery and removal. Once he went for surgery it was discovered it was just a cysts, which was alleviated and he is now doing well and fully recovered. We want to thank all who donated, our goal was just a little over $600 instead of $2500 as originally thought.

Rudy is around 55 pounds, and is what we would call a medium to large standard in size, he is a lower energy style of Aussie. While low energy Rudy still will take 2-4 mile walks and still be up for more. Rudy also walks well on a leash but tends to zig zag, as were a harness gives him more focus.

Rudy has some basic training and commands down, sit, lay down, sit, stay, wait and some other basic commands. Rudy is house broken and crate trained and rides very well in a car, though needing help and encouragement to get in, once in he looks out the window or sleeps.

Rudy does display some separation issues but a bandanna with lavender on it seems to really calm him down.

The greatest things about Rudy are his takes on life. He feels everyone wants a 55 pound lap dog, he makes some of the most interesting and lovable facial expressions. Rudy loves meeting people and dogs.

Rudy has been extremely well behaved with children in the neighborhood. We have not tested with cats, but from all indications, a slow introduction would probably result in a new friend.

We took Rudy in for his surgery and it was discovered he had a cysts, which burst while starting the procedure.

Rudy ended up lucky, and we ended up reaching the costs to cover his initial visit and the final visit, minus a few dollars, for that ASRM is grateful for that and Rudy’s excellent news!.

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