ADOPTED: SAE DEE ~ NS0880 ~ 5yo Blue Merle Female Australian Shepherd


Meet Sae Dee!!!

Sae Dee

Sae Dee is a gorgeous 5yo blue merle female Australian Shepherd. She’s a ‘tweenie’ Aussie, which means she’s bigger than a mini but smaller than a standard!  She’s the perfect size!  She’s got one blue eye and one chocolate eye, giving her a very unique look. Sae Dee loves people and isn’t shy about anything. She will gently stand up in front of you to be petted. Sae Dee is very interested in cats and will chase them, so a home without any cats is recommended, unless you feel capable of controlling the situation. Sae Dee seems fine with most other dogs as well. She loves to play with them.

Sae Dee is crate trained and actually enjoys spending her down time in her crate. She sleeps quietly through the night. Though if you didnt want to crate her, she does just wonderfully left loose! Sae Dee doesnt chew or get into things and her foster family leaves her free to roam the house while they are away at work. Sae Dee is tennis ball and frisbee crazy!  She will bring the ball to you to throw for her until one of you gets tired. She loves to play and is very happy to hang out around the house. She’s an easy goinggirl whose fun to be around.

Sae Dee is fostering in Farmington, MN. Please fill out the ADOPTION APPLICATION to get started! Thank you for looking!

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