ADOPTED! Sam – 3 Month Old Red Double Merle Australian Shepherd Male in Illinois

Meet Sam! Sam is a beautiful, happy-go-lucky little Double Merle Aussie puppy, also commonly referred to as a ‘lethal white’. But never fear, there is nothing ‘lethal’ about this fuzzy bundle of energy and joy!

Because he is the result of a double merle breeding, Sam is both deaf and blind, which is commonly what occurs in double merles. But you would never guess that he’s visually or hearing impaired upon meeting him because he’s too busy keeping up with the big dogs and having fun!  Sam is an April Fool’s Day baby and it shows in his fun, clownish personality. He loves wrestling with his foster siblings, which consist of a Yellow Lab and another Australian Shepherd, and he uses his nose to navigate the house and yard. Sam is a very social young man and he would love to have another canine pal to play and wrestle with, and to help guide him into adulthood.

When Sam first arrived into ASRM’s foster program, he was in tough shape. He was covered in fleas and full of intestinal parasites. He was so underfed that he was barely 9lbs, too small for an Aussie pup his age. Today, he’s a whooping 13lbs and the picture of health!  Sam is up to date on his vaccinations as well.

Sam is already housebroken!  He’s a quick learner and he’s attending ‘school’ at the Illinois State University!  Sam goes for one hour, Monday through Friday, and the students there are using ‘touch training’ to teach Sam basic obedience and commands.

A yard with a physical fence would be best for Sam since he will never realize if he’s wandering too far away. He can’t see you and since he’s deaf, you would be unable to call him back, so a fenced in yard where he can potty and play safely everyday would be ideal for Sam.

If you are considering adopting precious little Sam, please take the time to do some research first on double merles/lethal whites. While they are really no different than any other Aussie, they do require a bit more awareness on your part and his training will need to be continued to ensure a happy, healthy future.  We have provided some links below for you to check out!

Sam is fostering in Bloomington Illinois and is available for adoption! He’s excited to find his forever family! To begin the approval process, please click the application button below and reference ASRM 0114 Sam.

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