ADOPTED!!!! Tilt – 1 Year Old Red Merle Australian Shepherd Mix Male in Illinois

Have you ever seen such a lovely boy as Tilt?

Tilt has some vision impairment.
Tilt is a Halloween baby! He was born around October 31, 2011 and just recently turned one year old. Tilt weighs in at about 45lbs and he’s been microchipped, vaccinated and neutered.

Now for Tilt’s story:
Tilt and his brother were born on a farm, and when they were appx 6 weeks old their owner brought them into the local vet to be euthanized. One of the two puppies had an eye that wouldn’t open and could only see and hear well on one side – so he was always ’tilting’ his head to one side.  So that sweet little pup, who had never been named by the farm owners, received his cute and fitting name!
Unfortunately for Tilt, his adoptive owner became terminally ill and she gave him to ASRM to ensure he found the best home.


Tilt is an extremely loyal and very loving dog who bonds very quickly with his people.  He is super silly with toys and loves belly rubs – in fact that is his default position, if he doesn’t know what someone wants, he just flops to the ground, feet up, for some belly loving!  The veterinarian who evaluated his eyes said he probably has no more than 10-20% vision in one eye, and possibly less than perfect vision in the other, but he does see and follows some basic hand commands, loves to chase balls and other things, etc.  Most people who meet him have no idea he has any vision loss other than the fact that his one eye is not fully open.  For the most part, he gets around almost as well as any other dog, and his other senses (hearing, smell) are very acute and help him compensate for any vision loss.

Tilt does get nervous in new situations and easily overstimulated in crowds, this may partially be due to his eyesight and partially because he is still very much a puppy learning about the world.  He can be nervous of new people, especially men, but once he accepts someone as being safe he is 100% love. He seems to have a harder time seeing in low light conditions or adjusting from light to dark. He demonstrates a typical Aussie drive to protect his family and have a job to do. He is generally low-medium energy for the breed, but he is a young dog and very smart – and will benefit greatly from daily exercise and mental stimulation via continued obedience training, games/play time and possibly even agility or similar if his new owner had an interest!

His foster family has a 7 year old female dog and two cats, and his former home also had other dogs and cats, so he is very used to other animals and enjoys playing with other FEMALE dogs. We recommend that Tilt be the only boy dog in the home.  He would be fine with a dog savvy cat (s), but he will chase things that run, all in good fun, so other animals should have the ability to stand their ground if they don’t want to be chased!  While he copes well in pack situations, he really loves his people and would like an owner/family to be devoted to most of all.

Tilt is fostering in St Joseph, Illinois. You will be required to travel to his foster home to meet him prior to adopting him. Please make sure you are prepared to work with Tilt on obedience training and helping him deal with his vision impairments.

If you are committed to Tilt’s future, you may apply to adopt him by filling out the ADOPTION APPLICATION and reference ASRM 0122 Tilt!

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