Toby 6 Mo Old Male Blue Merle Australian Shepherd ASRM 0452

Meet Toby a 6-month-old blue merle Australian Shepherd male who weighs 25 pounds. Toby should grow to about 40 to 45 pounds once fully grown. Toby is neutered and up to date on all his shots and is well on his way to be potty trained.

Toby is currently being retrained to not be food aggressive. This means that he will always be required to be in training and remembering to not consider a human hand as a threat but as an object that is good and brings food and treats. This is a serious training issue and requirement. While Toby is a beautiful boy in his pictures and videos you must also watch his other videos of his food aggression in the beginning.

Because of this we are placing strict requirements on his potential adoption family.

Ongoing education and training for his food aggression (A owner that has had experience in behavior modification is required)

Resource Guarding understandings, this means no other dogs in the home or cats. No children under 16 NO EXCEPTIONS

Herding Experience and a strong understanding and compassion for the Aussie itself.

Commitment to Behavioral Training – This is a positive re-enforcement training and trainer. We will need to confirm the potential adopter has secured a trainer to help with his ongoing development.

Exercise plan, Toby needs more then running in the back yard or walking for 30 minutes, Toby needs a solid plan of mental and physical exercise.

Toby is extremely smart and takes commands very well, he has already created a large vocabulary, well over a dozen commands so far and we expect he can retain a vocabulary of 60 or more commands. Toby thrives on being taught.

If you are strictly applying to adopt Toby and unless you can show you will meet all the above and possibly more, we will not accept your application. We have many other wonderful and non-issue Aussies in the rescue. Toby is not for most of the adopters out there and we are looking for a successful adoption since the alternate is he will be in trouble and suffer because of it. We won’t allow that to be his destination.

Do we sound tough, you bet! Toby has spent 2 months so far in intense, multiple times a day training. We and his foster family have invested much time in his future.

If you feel you meet our criteria for Toby we encourage you to apply. We will be very thorough on his adopter and expect multiple visits to see how the adopter will work with Toby, so expect to travel numerous times.

Toby Issues

Toby Playing

Toby Progress

Toby Tricks

Information on Food Aggression

This is a serious issue that you should educate yourself before you place your application.

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