Adopted: NS 0944 Toowoomba (Shadow) 2 Year Old Red Merle Australian Shepherd Male BLIND Illinois

Meet Toowoomba, Shadow for short, because he is a shadow, he follows you everywhere, you see Toowoomba is blind, but you wouldn’t know it in the way he plays and interacts, and walks threw the house. Toowoomba is a red merle Australian Shepherd male and is around 2 years old and weighs around 50 pounds.

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Toowoomba came to only because the shelter felt he deserved a forever home, they love him and had no problem letting him stay, but what life is that to stay at a shelter the rest of your days? Toowoomba walks great on a leash, a little clicking and he falls right back in place, he rides great in a car and has no resource or food issues.

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Toowoomba gets along great with other dogs, in fact once he got the lay of the yard when he is playing you would swear he had all his sight! He is a delight for his foster family, and he is very smart and quick to please.

[frame_center src=”×400.jpg” href=””]NS 0944 Toowoomba[/frame_center]

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    Toowoomba is being fostered in Schaumburg Illinois. If you think a special needs dog who has no vision would be a good fit, complete an application at New Spirit 4 Aussie Rescue. Reference NS 0944 Toowoomba

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