What are you doing to prepare you and your pets?

ASERT Animal Services Emergency Response TeamWith winter starting to end it will now become thunderstorms, flooding and tornadoes.

Is your family ready for these events? Are your pets ready? ASRM, FEMA and your local Emergency Management Agencies as well as your local Humane Society want to make sure you know what to do when a disaster or emergency strikes.

Don’t wait for help to arrive or start planning when it happens, prepare yourself today!

Download our printable brochure that gives you the basics of what to do in the time of an emergency.

Keep your eye on our website as we will be adding more tips for you and your pets, your family, livestock and how to engage your community and agencies to be prepared for what we hope never happens.

ASERT Pet Preparedness Brochure.

Visit our Animal Preparedness Website at WWW.ASERT.ORG