ASERT Animal Disaster Emergency Response TeamAustralian Shepherd Rescue Midwest is starting a community based program to help get the word out about what to do during a disaster, be it a tornado, earthquake (yes they can happen in the Midwest) to flooding, one of the major natural disasters to effect the United States.

We are looking to educate the public, vet office’s and local government (from law enforcement, to public health to your county Emergency Management Agency) about how to prepare for an emergency and where to locate resources in that time of need.

We also are creating teams to be ready to deploy to areas when a disaster strikes, helping set up temporary shelters, locate and bring lost families together with their pets, helping with feeding and medical needs. All in conjunction with the local government agencies in your area.

We are looking for driven volunteers in Illinois and Wisconsin as boots on the ground as well as anyone interested in providing phone and logistics support.

Learn more at ASERT and complete and application to become a valued member of your community and ASRM/ASERT today!