It’s that time again where we ask the past adopters, volunteers and foster homes to consider fostering for us again or this year. With winter ending soon we will see Aussies start top appear in shelters as people dump them because the weather is warmer.

Sissy 1 Year Old Australian ShepherdMeet Sissy, a young, energetic 1 year old Aussie puppy. Her crime, not being wanted because she would jump on people. It was also discovered she had Heartworm. Sadly, because there are no homes at this time open, Sissy lost her attempt at a family as they shelter had a 7 day hold.

Don’t let another Sissy happen, become a foster home today, give that Aussie a home that will bring out the best in them. We won’t blame you if you fall in love with your charge, but know that finding a family allows you to start again and help another Aussie.

If you feel you or your family would grow and enjoy helping the best breed ever, complete our foster application today and start your journey to helping.