Humane Investigation and Helping The Public

The State of Illinois Department of Agriculture have certified Australian Shepherd Rescue Midwest to provide Humane Investigation services to the general public and local government agencies within Illinois.

Humane InvestigationsASRM currently is covering Peoria, Tazewell and Woodford County but will travel to other parts of the state upon request or assist you in locating a Humane Investigator in your area.

We will investigate:

  • Animal Neglect (leaving a pet without food, water, or shelter)
  • Animal Abandonment (moving and leaving pets in the home or on the property)
  • Animal Abuse (from hitting or torturing a pet to dog fighting)
  • Hoarding (be it an over zealous Samaritan in over their head to backyard breeders)
  • Puppy Mills

We currently offer this service to the public at no cost. To help defray the costs to setup with all the required materials, collect evidence as well as prepare for possible court appearances we are asking for donations for the team, this is a tax-deductible item.