ASRM Sparky Red Bi Australian ShepherdMeet Sparky, a large, lovable, super soft sweetheart who has come to us with a series of ailments that we felt he should be taken care of for his next forever family.

Who can resist that smile?

Sparky is Heartworm Positive, which means multiple rounds of treatments to kill the microfilia and the adult heart worms. We are asking for your help for this gentle giant of an Aussie. He is also showing signs of hip dyspepsia. For now we want to take care of the Heartworm and get him well.

We now have $1500 to cover his testing as well as his needed treatment to bring him Heartworm Free.

Thanks Everyone!

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January 24th, 2019

We pulled Sparky from the shelter and because of logistics and timing we placed him in boarding, where he was an instant hit and had many fans who admired him.

We learned that Sparky was HW + so we scheduled an appointment for bloodwork, HW testing to confirm, review his medical history because of some concerns which are now a thing of the past we hope. We also started Sparky on Doxycyclene and predizone to start the path the Heartworm Free.

Next Steps are a visit to Yorkville Animal Hospital in roughly 30 days.

February 28th, 2019

Sparky took a trip to Yorkville Animal Hospital for his first round of shots.

He came home and was like he never left. He was a hit at the vets, we were told he was such a good guy he got to stay out of the kennel.

He still has his next round of shots set for end of March.

March 28th, 2019

Sparky took his second trip to Yorkville Animal Hospital for his Prednisone round of shots. This is his last set of shots, now we wait 30 days, and take a him in for his neutering, please don’t tell him if you see him before hand. He doesn’t know…