Australian Shepherd Rescue Midwest is looking for qualified people to help the rescue. Are you someone that has the time, the dedication and the skill set we are looking for?

Animal Services Emergency Response Team (ASERT)
We are currently in need of volunteers for our ASERT program, this involves working currently with our administrative team to produce documentation and marketing. We are also looking for individuals to deliver pamphlets and educational material to local vets and shelters as well as teams to contact local government agencies to help prepare their agencies for a disaster and how to help those with pets in their homes.

We are looking for individuals with experience in writing grant requests. There are over 300 organizations offering funds to animal rescue organizations like our own. Each grant could take 8 to 30 hours worth of writing and editing. If you feel you could help the rescue with this all-important task we sure could use your help. Even those willing to learn we would encourage you to apply.

We are looking for individuals that are detail oriented and willing to dedicate 4 hours a week to placing documents in the proper folders and locations, as well as individuals with spreadsheet skills (Microsoft Excel preferred) to help with our data mining efforts towards obtaining grants.