We would like to introduce you to a special guy, someone that was probably given the short end of the deal, someone that deserved better and is now dealing with life as he sees it, the way a dog will deal with it. Today is the day he starts to live.

We got Whelen from a county animal control facility. His chances for survival were about gone, we were his last reach out to. Between some phone calls and discussions with vets we decided to drive over and see him and make a final choice for him.

Once we met him, we couldn’t forget him. He was the happiest, sweetest little red tri Australian Shepherd we had met in a long time, even with what we can only surmise as an untreated injury or head trauma, he smiles and loves on everyone he meets.

Each event he has been introduced to, each family he has spent time with while awaiting his more long-term foster we have seen remarkable things transpire, things we didn’t know or realize he could do.

Follow along as we mark the progress of Whelen.

Learn About Whelen’s Next Steps