Whelen’s Journey Home

Whelen’s story finally has an ending to his journey. A little man we were told about at Peoria Animal Control in Peoria County IL. Whelen was going to be put down since they felt his quality of life was low, and reached out to Australian Shepherd Rescue Midwest. We had taken other special cases, permanently disfigured from foot, blind or deaf Aussies, and of course I got my 1st Aussie, Mocha there.

After some trials and tribulations, more visits to the vet and some excellent insights from a neurologist at one of our IL vets, it was decided to keep training him to walk straight, and remember how to use the great outdoors.

Per his new family, that had their eye on Whelen from day 1, I received this great note!

Whelen is doing good. He is like my shadow. He still has a craving for water and low sodium level. Will be going back to Vet for more testing, kind of taking a break now.

Still working on house training I was reading a forum and a lady that had a rescue dog said it took her 2 years. It’s like he starts getting it then has a brain glitch and then we start over. He is a great dog and were very happy to have him as part of our family. We traveled to New Mexico and he traveled really great.

These are the moments that make rescue seem the right path in life, the angst, the sad stories all the pain that comes with dog rescue, people upset that we don’t answer right away or adopt that Aussie they saw and how horrible we are. The families like Whelen’s that take a broken dog, sight unseen and make a mircle that says rescue is worth our time.

Thank you to Bill and his wife for providing Whelen with a home.

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