Whelen at Peoria Animal ControlSome may remember our following of Whelen, a handsome little red tri, that we had the honor of pulling from Peoria County Animal Protection Services in Peoria Illinois. The concern was he walked in a circle and his head tilted. PCAPS had a vet look him over and felt it might be some inner ear issue, but it was just a guess, since Whelen wasn’t talking!

We brought him in and each foster he stayed with felt he was the gentlest soul, and while we had him in the rescue decided to have him checked by specialist and see if anything additional could be discovered. Again, Whelen wasn’t talking and no one could be sure. While this transpired it seems he developed a case of worms and it was a task to correct, with his new parents giving him a second round of treatments. Oh, we forgot to mention Whelen had found a forever family, Mr. and Mrs. Bill H.

Whelen enjoys the beach
Whelen enjoys the beach

Bill kept in touch and let me know of his progress, how he was really catching on to potty training, only to seem like someone reset his memory on house rules, but he was a trooper. His new family even took him on trips, all the way to New Mexico, and he was like any other Aussie on any other car ride. Whelen was really starting to settle in and have what he rightfully deserves. A family that cared for him, loves him and feels every day was the best day with Whelen.

Sadly, as in all life there is a final chapter in Whelen’s journey. On March 28th, just 6 days from the 1-year anniversary of his officially joining the family, Whelen had a seizure that could not be stopped. Sadly, Whelen made his final journey that day in March and is waiting for his family to come join him. The Vet felt he may have had encephalitis from a long time ago.

Whelen’s family wanted to say, “Thank you so much for letting us be his forever parents, he has brought so much joy to our family and we will love him forever”. Whelen was one very lucky Aussie.
I personally felt Whelen was a special guy when I first met him at the shelter and knew he deserved that chance, those in rescue know that one rescue that touches you, they all do but sometimes one sticks out, that makes you realize why rescue is important, not just for all the Whelen’s out there, but the families that foster them and the families that adopt them.

Prayers for his family and for Whelen.

David Thurman